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Innovative stochastic optimization solutions for the mining industry.

Unlock up to 40% increase in Net Present Value by integrating the paradigm shift KPI-COSMO Stochastic Mining Optimizer to your mine planning workflow.

Why choose KPI-COSMO Stochastic
Mining Optimizer.

Take mine planning to the next level! Maximize the NPV and manage the technical risk of your mining operation. KPI-COSMO simultaneously optimizes the multiple components of a mining complex, capitalizing on the synergies across the operation and assessing the risks through the stochastic planning.

KPI-COSMO consistently and significantly increases the NPV of any mining complex compared to conventional mine planning software. Our solution simultaneously optimizes the sequences of extraction, cut-off grades, and material transformations across the value chain while accounting for uncertainty and variability. Learn More

KPI-COSMO generates risk-resilient forecasts for multiple production targets by integrating geostatistical simulations (grades, material types, weathered facies, geometallurgical properties, etc.) as well as simulations of metal prices, recoveries, throughputs, equipment indicators. Learn More

KPI-COSMO provides larger pit limits and increased recovered metal than conventional software by better understanding the spatial variability, uncertainty in grades, material types, and by directly considering the time value of money and the economic value of generated products. Learn More
What is Stochastic Mine Planning?

Mitigate and assess the geologic and financial risks of your mining operation.

These risks adversely impact profitability and viability of mining operations. Stochastic Mine Planning jointly uses geostatistical and other Monte Carlo simulations to optimize production scheduling and design, as well as manage and assess risks.

Move away from a single and misleading estimated block model.

Single Estimated Orebody Model

Conventional Software uses a single estimated block model (traditionally Kriged) as an input for the planning process, which misrepresents spatial distribution and ignores inherent uncertainty in metal content, consisting of a smooth representation of mineral deposits.

Multiple Geostatistical Simulations

KPI-COSMO enables the use of multiple geostatistical simulations which better represents the spatial distribution of grades, reproduce statistics of exploration data, and allow quantification of risk in the mine planning process.

Move away from a suboptimal sequential optimization approach.

Sequential Optimization

Conventional mine planning approaches utilize multiple algorithms to sequentially optimize pit limits, pushbacks, cut-offs, schedules, material flows, etc. This sequential process does not capture synergies and bottlenecks across the value chain, leading to a cumbersome and suboptimal planning process.

Simultaneous Optimization

KPI-COSMO has a powerful optimization model that simultaneously optimizes multiple open-pit mines, processing facilities, stockpiles, etc. As a result, synergies between various components of the value chain are dynamically satisfied and risks are managed using simulations.

Our Partners

Working together to bring innovation to the mining industry.

McGill University is one of Canada’s and the world’s leading institutions, due to the excellence of its teaching and research programs. Its research lab COSMO Stochastic Mine Planning laboratory is our strategic technological partner on the development of advanced solutions for mine planning optimization and geostatistics, generating tremendous value for our clients.


The collaborative partnership with some of the world’s leading mining companies is a key success factor in delivering what the mining industry needs. Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, BHP, De Beers, IAMGOLD, Kinross, Newmont, and Vale have been engaged with KPI Mining since the early development stages of our solutions.

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We are ready to put our technical skills to work! Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team of stochastic mine planning, BI, Data Science and Analytics experts, use real-life practical experience to understand your business needs and identify opportunities for your organization.

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Software Training and Implementation Services

Upskill and train your team on the paradigm shift of stochastic mine planning. We want to empower your mine planning experts to get the maximum value out of our software solutions in order to generate more profitable and risk-managed production plans.

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