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Our innovative technologies unlock substantial value to your mines by leveraging our services.


Our consultants have tremendous expertise beyond mining.

They are experts in business intelligence, data science, analytics, and optimization, and use that expertise to help understand your business needs and identify opportunities.
01 - Strategic mine planning scheduling and design

Strategic mine planning, scheduling, and design

Our consultants use industry best practices in conjunction with the paradigm shift of stochastic optimization to conduct strategic mine planning, scheduling, and design, identifying value drivers and bottlenecks for your mineral value chain.

02 - Proof of value of stochastic mine planning

Proof of value of stochastic mine planning

Our consultants demonstrate the value of stochastic simultaneous optimization of mineral value chains based on a detailed comparison of strategic mine plans generated with your mining software and KPI-COSMO. More advanced validations also include comparisons with operational data.

03 - Risk assessment of your strategic mine

Risk assessment of your strategic mine production schedule and design

We leverage geostatistical simulations of your mineral deposits to quantify the risk (the probability of achievement) of your yearly production forecasts. This assessment allows identifying riskier periods and project indicators to support your decision-making process.

04 - Geostatistical and other Monte Carlo simulations copy

Generation of geostatistical simulations of the mineral deposits

We have partner geostatisticians to generate and validate multiple simulated scenarios of your mineral deposits using the most advanced and performant simulation algorithms. These simulations can be widely employed in the mine planning and risk assessment processes at your company.

Software Training and Implementation

We offer implementation services and various training modules.

From basic to advanced, online, in-person or hybrid, individually or in group, we adapt to the needs and backgrounds of your mine planning team.
05 - Software implementation

Software implementation

We help you implement our stochastic software solutions at your mineral value chain, gathering required data and modeling cashflows, cost and revenue streams, and material flows to build a digital model of your operation.

06 - Stochastic mine planning principles

Stochastic mine planning principles

Learn the significant value that stochastic mine planning brings to your mining operations. Learn how to quantify the inherent uncertainty and how to manage the risk of your strategic mine designs and schedules. Learn the multiple use cases for using geostatistical simulations in the long, medium and short-term mine planning.

07 - KPI-COSMO for strategic mine planning and risk assessment

KPI-COSMO for strategic mine planning and risk assessment

Learn the various differentiators of KPI-COSMO. Learn how to build a digital model of your mineral value chain. Learn how to get valuable business insights from our probabilistic dashboard and 3D visualizer, and how to integrate our innovative solution into your mine planning workflow.

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